Anchorage School District Youth Art Exhibition 2022

Stuart Hyatt: Stations

Counter Cartographies: Living the Land

John Grade: Spark

Charles Mason: Denali through Collodion

Rowan Renee: Dead Reckoning

Black Lives in Alaska: Journey, Justice, Joy

Ron Senungetuk: A Retrospective

Listen Up: Northern Soundscapes

Alaska Biennial 2020

Extra Tough: Women of the North


Arctic Remix

Weeks Feel Like Days, Months Feel Like Years

Unheard: A Public Photography and Audio Installation


Created to Hold Power (Intellectual Property)

Identifying Marks: Tattoos and Expression

Shelter/Refuge Landforms

Aesthetics of Hanging Laundry

Circumpolar Cinema

Aperture: Cameras from the Anchorage Museum Collection

2020 ASD Student Art Show



Snow Flyers

Aslaug M. Juliussen: Intersections


Death in the Ice: The Mystery of The Franklin Expedition

Arctic Portals

The Culture of Media: Representation from Nanook to Molly

Alaskans and Salmon

2019 Anchorage School District Art Exhibition: Diversity

KEGGINAQUT: Yup’ik Masks

What Why How We Eat

Alison Marks: Decaf/Regular

Elizabeth Eero Irving: Songs of the River

All-Alaska Biennial 2018

Aiviq & Nanuq: Sea Horse and Sea Bear of the Arctic

The Power of Energy

Thomas Chung: Everything is Sacred

Rarefied Light 2018

Librería Donceles

Gertrude Svarny: Ukuqanaadan



Camouflage: In Plain Sight