Mana: The History We Inherit 

October 28, 2023 – February 4, 2024
Education Hall, Main Floor, East Wing

Filipinos settled in Alaska beginning in the late 18th century, yet their histories and stories are often untold. With original interviews connecting the past and present, Mana: The History We Inherit offers insight into the histories of Filipinos in Alaska.

Journalist Shayne Nuesca, documentarian Joshua Albeza Branstetter and community builder Tasha Elizarde, present Mana at the Anchorage Museum as an audio-visual archive honoring Alaska’s Filipino elders through photos and stories sourced from Filipinos across Alaska. Mana (pronounced MAH-nuh) is the Tagalog root word meaning “inheritance” or “to inherit.” Along with sharing the oral histories of Filipinos in Alaska, Mana organizers see the project as a shared legacy for future generations.

For more information and ways to connect with Mana, please visit the project website.

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This exhibition is made possible with support from

Filipino Community of Anchorage, Alaska, Inc.

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