This all-ages exhibition explores the things people like in our mass and global culture through collectables, contemporary art and design, fan art, and fandom sub-culture. Included are anime, manga and Japanese-inspired culture, comic books and graphic novels, literature and television fandom, furry fandom, music and real-person fandom. This is an international exhibition, with artists from Japan, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, United Kingdom and United States. Some of the participating artists include Sebastian Masuda, Red Hong Yi, Cliff Wright, Marco d’Alfonso and others.

Image: Chewlio by Marco d'Alfonso. Banner image Wonder Woman cover by Marco d'Alfonso.

Fandom Faves


Based on: animated films, series, graphic novels – originated in Japanese entertainment
Examples: Pokémon, Hello Kitty
May be expressed through: comic books, conventions, tourism, retail merchandise

Literary Fandom:

Examples: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings
May be expressed through: Creation of fan fiction, Bardology (worship of William Shakespeare), real-life Quidditch sporting events


Based on: a sub-culture of Real Person Fiction focused on early 2000 rock groups but may also refer to those drawn to the culture around music and certain musicians
Examples: My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boys, Panic! at the Disco
May be expressed through: social networks, online communities and journaling platforms

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