Teen Climate Communicators

Teens are critical to the climate conversation.

The Arctic is warming at twice the rate of the rest of the world, and Alaskans are experiencing effects of climate change today. The Anchorage Museum shares climate change stories and encourages creative solutions to this complex challenge. As the next generation to tackle climate change, teens are invited to these conversations.

I do get worried about what I’m going to do when I’m an adult. It’s kinda nice to think maybe the world will be a little bit better when I’m an adult rather than not existing. I’d rather it’d be clean and have all the green. To be able to live a happy life rather than deal with all the consequences of climate change.
Braylon, Teen Climate Communicator
Braylon, Teen Climate Communicator

Who we are, what we do

Learn. Investigate. Take action.

The Anchorage Museum’s Teen Climate Communicators are Anchorage-area 9-12 grade students who have a passion for exploring climate and climate action with a critical and inquisitive eye. Each session covers different topics, from food systems to reuse and sustainability. Using museum artworks, objects, and resources, teenagers get the chance to take the lead in investigating and discussing climate change in their own backyard.

Over the course of each session, teens and museum staff to work toward short-term weekly projects and a long-term, four-month project. These sessions are flexible and guided by the teens themselves, allowing students to select topics of interest and complete a final project to be shared with the community.

"Climate change in the past has always meant something I couldn't change. Now it's starting to feel like something I have a shot at fixing."

Activities vary each session, and can include writing an article, hosting a gallery talk, developing a digital resource, creating artwork, or whatever creative endeavors the teens take up themselves. For their time, teens receive volunteer hours and a climate communicator certificate.

Teen Climate Communicators gather for fall, spring, and summer sessions. Teens apply for and commit to each four-month session. Weekly meetings alternate between in-person and virtual, and teens are expected to complete some work outside of regular meetings. Teens can participate in multiple sessions.

Next Session

WHO: Anchorage-area students who are entering grades 9-12
WHERE: Seed Lab, 111 W. 6th Ave, Anchorage
WHEN: 4 - 5:30 p.m. Wednesdays, fall dates coming soon

During Teen Climate Communicators, participants collaborate with like-minded teens on a project to increase climate change awareness, learn from museum professionals and guest presenters, engage with museum artwork, objects, and resources beyond what the public experiences, gain experience communicating about and acting on climate change issues, and earn volunteer hours. In addition to developing an exhibition at the Anchorage Museum, teens receive volunteer hours and a climate communicator certificate. 

If you are interested in joining the fall and spring session of Teen Climate Communicators, please submit an application or email mfarris@anchoragemuseum.org for more information about the upcoming session.

Applications for Teen Climate Communicators can be found here:


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