People in the gallery, including a man in a wheelchair

Everyone is welcome at the Anchorage Museum. We offer programs, services, and resources to help support your visit. If you have questions or would like to discuss how to make the most of your visit, please email We appreciate at least two weeks advance notice for special accommodation requests.

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All Are Welcome

The Anchorage Museum is committed to providing a space that is accessible, welcoming, and inclusive of everyone in our community. Click on the header to access a list of free and discounted admission days.

Museum Access

The Anchorage Museum meets the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, as outlined by the United States Access Board.

Maps and Language Guides

Museum floor plan maps are available in nine languages.

Visitor Story Guides

Visitor Story Guides help visitors familiarize themselves with what to expect during a museum visit.

Sensory-Friendly and Access Programs

From self-directed, drop-in sessions to structured workshops, sensory-friendly and access programs are opportunities for children and adults who experience a range of developmental and physical disabilities and those on the autism spectrum to enjoy the museum.

Audio/Visual Descriptions

Audio/visual descriptions for a selection of pieces in our Art of the North galleries are available for visitors who are blind or partially sighted.

Professional Caregivers

Professional caregivers receive complimentary admission with an accompanying client's paid admission.

Adapted School Group Field Trips

The museum offers a variety of facilitated field trip packages focusing on art, history, science and culture.

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