Dear Kin

On view Oct. 4-31, 2021, First Floor, West Wing Hall
Film premiere Oct. 15, 2021, Auditorium


Dear Kin is a storytelling project that highlights individuals from the Alaska Native Two-Spirit and LGBTQI+ community through video and portraiture. Each person shares their personal experiences of being who they are in a short video format, reflect on who and what has informed them, and where they draw their strength from. Dear Kin is a letter to past, present, and future Indigenous queer relatives.

Dear Kin is made possible by Native Movement. Native Movement is a non-profit organization formed in 2003 out of Alaska, with a vision of grassroots-led movements and healthy Indigenous nations building strong, healing, and sustainable communities for all and Mother Earth. Our work focuses on ensuring Indigenous Peoples’ rights, the rights of Mother Earth, dismantling patriarchy, and ultimately shaping healthy and sustainable communities for all.


Alexis Anoruk Sallee, director/producer; Jenny Irene Miller, producer/photographer; Emma Agnes Sheffer, Channel Films, cimenatogrpher; and Leslie Rene Castro, editor.

Image: Jenny Irene Miller (B. 1988). "Dag juus," 2021. Digital Print. Cropped Image. On Loan From The Artist.

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