Stuart Hyatt: Stations

On view Oct. 22, 2021 — Sept. 4, 2022, Second Floor, West Wing


Presented as part of the Anchorage Museum exhibition Counter Cartographies: Living the Land, Indianapolis-based artist Stuart Hyatt's Stations project invites questioning of Western modalities of mapping, which are often visual. With Stations, Hyatt encourages listening as a way of knowing and making sense of our world.

Stations combines the scientific method with the creative process, engaging visitors with a new type of subterranean map. The centerpiece sculpture incorporates a fully-equipped, 2000-pound environmental monitoring station on loan from the IRIS Consortium. The back of the station connects dozens of audio cables to a small recording studio where cartographic animations dance in real time to sonic energy. The station’s front solar cell panel connects to a large boring tube where a short film beams onto the gallery wall. Colorful imagery and text - drawn from the project’s companion book - flow along the other walls, creating a poetic, multisensory map of the ground beneath us.


image by Anna Powell Denton