Rowan Renee: Dead Reckoning

On view April 30 —Oct 26, 2021


Rowan Renee’s series of analog photographs depict female pilots and hunters from Kodiak and the Arctic regions of Alaska. Straddling the line between documentary photography and fictional narrative, Renee explores conflicting and complex ideas of femininity, such as the ability to give life and take life, and the divide between wildness and domesticity. Renee’s subjects challenge gender norms and stereotypes, presenting women as protagonists leading rugged lifestyles often associated with men.

Dead reckoning is a method of navigation employing a previous position to calculate current location – it is a navigational process used instinctively by animals, as well as by pilots and sailors with basic instruments.


Image: Rescue Pilot Deb with Her Plane, 2016. Ink on paper, 30 x 30 in.