Linda Infante Lyons, The Kal’ut Madonna (detail), 2021. Collection of the Anchorage Museum, 2022.

Linda Infante LyonsThe Kal’ut Madonna (detail), 2021. Collection of the Anchorage Museum, 2022.

Salmon Culture

Nov. 3, 2023 – Sept. 15, 2024 

Salmon Culture celebrates the connections between salmon and Alaska Native peoples and honors salmon as a resource that has nourished communities physically and spiritually for thousands of years. 

Says exhibition co-curator Erin Gingrich, “Salmon are gifts, every single one a blessing. The continuity of their ancient cycle is something we owe to the past, present, and future, not just our own future generations but the futures of all that have a part in this ecosystem. When we share about salmon, we are sharing about family, food, and love. We are celebrating a fish that unites us across generations and cultures.”

Salmon Culture is organized by a circle of Alaska Native artists, culture bearers, and activists who are culturally connected to salmon: Anna Hoover, Nadia Jackinsky-Sethi, Erin Gingrich, Rochelle Adams, Drew Michael, and Ilegvak


This exhibition is made possible, in part, with support from the following sponsors:


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