Sustainability Work


Our Commitment

Situated on Dena’ina land, the Anchorage Museum is committed to sustainable practices that result in positive, measurable impacts to the lands, waters, plants, animals, and people.  We have the responsibility to care for people and planet by promoting equitable access, amplifying Indigenous and diverse voices, and advancing solutions to the climate crisis that are grounded in shared knowledge. Through internal evaluation and action, we will be a source of opportunities and possibilities to co-create healthy futures for all. 

The Ongoing Work of Museums

Our work to reduce our carbon footprint and protect the environment is ongoing. We are committed to continue working towards increasing sustainability and supporting our communities in the same. We think museums have an important role to play in working towards a better future.

Across Platforms and in Collaboration

We are interested in public programs and raising awareness, as well as improving our own practice. With exhibitions, we are thinking about and changing the way we transport items and share information and ideas. We focus on connections and reconnections to the natural world. We host Seed Lab, a space and set of programs that focuses on sustainable and healthy communities, looking for ways we as a museum and all of us can continually examine our systems and assumptions to become more responsible and greener. We amplify the voices of artists and audiences and their concerns and hopes for tomorrow—in programs, podcasts, exhibitions, publications, albums, sound recordings, convenings, and more. We work in Alaska and across the world, collaborating with creatives, other museums, and nonprofits.

We work in partnership to shape and share international museum principles for sustainable practice through groups such as Ki Culture, American Association of Art Museums, FORMS, the International Council of Museums (ICOM), and stay aware of other efforts such as the Bizot museum group.


The Anchorage Museum has been curating exhibitions and working with artists around climate change since 2011. Visit our blog to learn more about current efforts.


The AAM Museum Exhibition Materials Pledge is an invitation to museums and museum exhibition designers to continue their thoughtful conversations about the definition of sustainability for your institutions, using the latest research in building science in selecting exhibition materials.

The Gallery Climate Coalition is an international community of arts organisations working to reduce our sector’s environmental impacts. 

The GCC’s primary goal is to facilitate a reduction of the sector’s CO2e emissions by a minimum of 50% by 2030, as well as promoting zero waste.

Currently, the Climate Toolkit embraces 32 goals across nine focus areas for addressing climate change. Read more at


Support for climate and sustainability work at the Anchorage Museum is made possible, in part, by these generous donors and sponsors.


Chatter Marks Journal & Podcast

Creative and critical thinking about the Circumpolar North

SEED Lab House

Seed Lab is a gathering space for conversations and public programs about our climate and future.

Teen Climate Communicators

Teens are invited to investigate and share ideas around climate change.

How to Survive

Examine ideas of interconnectedness, caretaking, listening and optimism in the face of climate change.

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