Cultural Arts: Adornment

Investigate the Dene adornment practices of quilling and beadwork with grades 6-12. Close look at examples of quilling and beadwork from the Anchorage Museum collection, learn from Indigenous knowledge holders through videos and classroom visits, and create culturally appropriate art inspired by Alaska Native quilling and beadwork.

We would like to express our gratitude to Aaron Leggett, John Hagen, and Emma Hildebrand for sharing their time and knowledge to refine this curriculum unit. Thank you for your guidance and support.

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7 8 9 10 11 12 6 Teens and Adults


Culturally Responsive Arts

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Alaska Visual Arts Standards: VA:CR1a&b, VA:RE7a&b, VA:CN11a, VA:CR2a&b, VA:CN10a

Cultural Standards for Students: B.1, C.4, D.1, D.3, E.8


Visual Literacy Alaska Native Cultures Alaska History Art and Artists

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View the artworks:

Dene tunic 1981.025.001

Dene tunic 1981.025.001 detail

Minnie Carter's Wall Pocket 1970.041.012

Mrs Percy Herbert's Mittens 1968.021.002AB

Wristlet 1998.025.135

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