Our landscapes indicate our tomorrows.

Chatter marks are crescent-shaped gouges chipped out of bedrock by the movement of glaciers. Present since the last Ice Age, these glaciers are shrinking and disappearing as our climate warms. They mark the passage of deep time and call us to consider how our individual and collective histories urge us forward.

The Anchorage Museum's Chatter Marks project includes printed and virtual journals, essays, and a podcast dedicated to creative and critical thinking about the Circumpolar North.

Join us in exploring new modes of thinking and responding to our collective futures through a rich community of creative practitioners and change makers.



The Arctic as Archive

The proliferation of Arctic archives teaches separation in productive dissonance.

Mapping Change

A love of maps, a sense of place, a new landscape of the soul

Language, Identity and Culture

How language influences identity and culture with Kirk Gallardo

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Journal Issues

Issue 06

Neighbors: Stories from Anchorage’s Pandemic Years is a collaboration between the Anchorage Museum and the Anchorage Daily News, led by writer and guest curator Julia O’Malley.

Issue 05

Climate change, a pandemic, pivotal conversations around systemic racism, and decolonization impel museums to participate, prepare and respond.

Issue 04

Alaska's Anchorage Museum and Russia's Arctic Art Institute consider how Alaska and Russia are connected through land and people.

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