Issue 04

The Anchorage Museum highlights people and place, celebrating connection, co-creation, imagination and innovation. This edition of the Chatter Marks journal examines connections between place and people, between Alaska and Russia. It is a collaboration between the Anchorage Museum and the Arctic Art Institute in Arkhangelsk, Russia. Anchorage in the US and Arkhangelsk in Russia are cities of similar populations and latitudes.

Through the Chatter Marks journal, we look at new modes of thinking, relevant issues and responses to collective futures. We welcome a rich community of voices, thinkers, creative practitioners and changemakers.

Chatter Marks is distributed in collaboration with the Arctic Institute.

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Separated by the Bering Strait – just 55 miles across at its narrowest point—Alaska was purchased from Russia by the U.S. in 1867. Since then, the two countries have been connected by history, religion, and climate, while divided by politics, language, and even time—today in Alaska is tomorrow in the nearest part of Russia. This journal issue is part of a project connecting artists in Alaska and Northern Russia. It is an exchange of ideas and facilitated by the Anchorage Museum in Alaska and the Arctic Art Institute in Arkhangelsk, Russia.

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