Private Parties

Man walking on the moon

Want to have the Planetarium all to yourself?

Thomas Planetarium now offers Private Planetarium Experiences for small groups of up to 6 people.

  • All programs occur at 5:30 p.m. Fridays - Sundays.
  • Approximately 60 minutes.
  • $80 fee per event; museum members receive 50% discount. Includes museum admission for a group up to 6 people. Email to inquire about additional participants. 
  • Advanced registration helpful but not required; tickets will not be sold past 4 p.m. day-of event.

Interactive Quest 

A private, educator-led, interactive experience. Combined with a planetarium movie, participants will focus on S.T.E.M. activities and solving challenges.

Planetarium Movie – Moonbase: The Next Step – WATCH TRAILER

Prepare for an immersive lunar experience that tells the story of the human endeavor to stay on the moon, visualizing the scientific and technological advances needed to safely travel 250,000 miles and survive the hostile and alien conditions.

Activity – Moon Adventure Game

Assume the role of astronauts living on the moon, researching, and performing experiments. Then, when a moonquake causes significant damage to your life support systems, work as a team to solve a series of challenges to survive.

Movie & Making 

A private, educator-led, interactive experience. Combined with a planetarium movie, participants will design and create a hands-on art piece to take home.

Planetarium Movie – Seeing – WATCH TRAILER

Follow a photon’s creation and journey across the galaxy and into a young stargazer’s eye to reveal the wonder of sight. The photon’s journey includes full-dome imagery featuring humanity, landscapes, skyscapes, wildlife and space imagery.

Activity – Mixing Colors

See the invisible by looking at objects in ultraviolet and infrared light. Uncover the properties of visible light including reflection, refraction, color mixing and more by combining different materials to create a stained-glass art piece.

Planetarium Movie – Kiuguyat: The Northern Lights – WATCH TRAILER

During the winter months, those living above the Arctic Circle are treated to a display of vibrant colors and movements, as the aurora borealis fill the entire sky. Learn from Alaska Natives as they teach you the stories, celebrations and science of Kiuguyat, the Northern Lights.

Activity – Aurora Art

Using chalk pastels and cardstock paper, create your own northern lights display. Add in colorful streaks and ribbons that dance across your Alaskan mountain landscape.

Planetarium Movie – River of Bears – WATCH TRAILER

Observe Alaska’s iconic brown bears as they nurture cubs, fish for salmon, and play in their natural environment. This immersive, show plants you in the middle of the McNeil River State Game Sanctuary, where more than 100 brown bears congregate each summer to bulk up for the harsh winter. Learn how the bears’ remarkable intelligence and instincts help them survive in the Alaska wilderness.

Activity – Landscape Art

Make your very own Alaskan landscape using layered pieces of construction paper. Populate your landscape with wildlife and foliage using stencils or free-hand drawing techniques.

Planetarium Movie – Out There (ages 10 and up) – WATCH TRAILER

For thousands of years science fiction has painted a scene of distant worlds. Now with new technology we have discovered many exoplanets where extraordinary forms of life could exist. Human curiosity has driven us to look outwards, beyond Earth, to understand the mysterious realms of the Universe.

Activity – Exoplanet Art

Using oil pastels and satellite images of planets and moons in our solar system for inspiration, draw, blend and create an exoplanet art piece.

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