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Extra Tough: Leadership and Activism by Women of the North

Investigate primary sources to examine leadership and activism by women who have helped shape Alaska and the North. Intended for ages 12 and up.

Grandfather Hemlock

Examine Grandfather Hemlock with K-6th students

BLINK at Home: Animal Enrichment

Engage your young learner in learning about how we enrich the lives of the animals at the Anchorage Museum. Build your own enrichment toys out of recycled materials. 

BLINK at Home: Weather Mobile

Engage your early learner in discussion about rainbows. Create a weather mobile as a reminder of the science behind rainbows. 


BLINK at Home: Balance Olympics

Engage your young learner with innovative games to grow their balance abilities. Create medals and play games designed to increase and challenge their sense of balance. 

BLINK at Home: Inventor Kit

Engage your young learner with creative problem-solving prompts. Build an inventor kit and use the materials inside to invent solutions to STEAM prompts. 

BLINK at Home: Inventor Puppets

Engage your young learner in discussion about inventors. Create your own inventor puppets with moveable arms and legs made of different sized straws. 

BLINK at Home: Design a Mission

Engage your early learner in investigations about spacecraft. Learn about the International Space Station and design your own spacecraft out of recycled materials. 

BLINK at Home: Fly in the Sky

Engage your early learner in investigations of flight. Create a kite to fly outside or using the power of a fan indoors. 

BLINK at Home: Aurora Art

Engage your early learner in investigations about the aurora borealis. Look closely at photos of the aurora and use them as inspiration to create your own aurora art.

Extra Tough: Reclaiming Identity Through Art

Investigate the artworks Native Looking by Erica Lord and Wat'sa with a Pearl Earring by Alison Bremner. Intended for ages 12 and up.


Learning Lab

Teach and learn from over 30 digital education collections from the Smithsonian.

Colors of the Aurora

Examine the untitled artwork by Carl Saxild with K-6th grade students

BLINK At Home: Scavenger Hunt

Engage your early learner in an investigation of the outdoors. Practice scientific skills such as counting, making observations, and sketching what you see.

BLINK At Home: Homemade Paint

Engage your early learner in the creation of homemade paint. Practice color and shape identification and investigate how colors mix together.

BLINK At Home: Quilts

Engage your early learner in the investigation of shapes and colors in quilts. Create a collaborative paper quilt using tangram shapes.

BLINK At Home: STEAMing in the Rain

Engage your early learner in the investigation of weather. Participate in science, technology, engineering, art, and math activities about rain and the weather.

BLINK At Home: Nature Crafts

Engage your early learner in making art with nature. Try these three different art activities incorporating nature.

BLINK At Home: Art Dice

Engage your early learner in art making challenges. Roll the die to determine which colors, patterns, and shapes to include in your art. Create your own custom art dice for your favorite art making challenges.

BLINK At Home: Feelings

Investigate your early learner’s feelings. Try several different activities designed to process, express, and work out big feelings trapped in a little body.

BLINK At Home: Shadow Puppets

Engage your early learner in investigating shadows. Why are shadows the shape they are? Can you control the size?

BLINK At Home: Dice Games

Engage your early learner in number games. Practice counting and number identification skills and look for hidden images of animals from the museum’s live collection.

CoLab: String Art

Create animal-inspired art using the following simple materials: foam board, push pins, and colored string.

CoLab: Paper Circuit

Learn how an electrical circuit works and create your own paper circuit using colorful LEDs, a coin cell battery, and copper tape on a regular paper.

CoLab: Cardstock Roses

Learn how to create simple cardstock roses. Experiment with various sizes and colors of paper to create a beautiful paper flower bouquet.

CoLab: Crepe Paper Roses

Learn how to create crepe paper roses with this step-by-step guide. Perfect for a single lasting rose or creating entire bouquets.

CoLab: Smythe Binding

Learn the basics of Smythe binding. Create your own custom hardcover journal to fill with your thoughts, stories, or drawings.

CoLab: Paper Quilling

Learn the basics of paper quilling. Combine the shapes and techniques to create your own beautiful paper quilled cards and art.

CoLab: French Link Binding

Learn how to bind a beautiful hardcover journal with an exposed ribbon binding with these step-by-step instructions.

CoLab: Paper Baskets

Learn how to make colorful paper baskets using simple materials with these step-by-step instructions..

CoLab: Plant Hanger

Learn how to make plant hanger using macramé techniques and hang your favorite plant in your favorite spot in this step-by-step guide.

Virtual Field Trips

Explore the museum with these virtual field trip videos and supporting resources.

Letters of the North

Explore 2 primary sources to learn about how people stay connected in the North through objects from the museum collection with 2nd-12th grade students.

Dena’ina Plant Deck

Learn some Dena’ina words and uses for plants found throughout the Dena’ina homeland.

Sounds of Your Place

Discover the sounds of your place by listening outside and learning about soundscape ecology.

Science Passport: Sink – Properties of Water

Learn about the properties of water at home with activities that will connect with the Anchorage Museum’s Science Passport: Home Edition.

Marine Tank Guide

Learn about the Anchorage Museum’s Marine Tank and the animals that call it home.

CoLab: Seed Starts

Build an Eco-friendly pot out of newspaper and use it to grow your food. Learn the basics of seed starting at home with step by step instructions.

Stars: Interdisciplinary Exploration

Discover the art, science, navigation, and astrophotography of stars with 6-8th grade students.

Stargazing at Home

Stargazing at Home is a blog that brings space and astronomy news to you.

Science Passport: Objects in Drawers

Use objects found inside your drawers in creative ways with activities that will connect with the Anchorage Museum’s Science Passport: Home Edition.

Home Trash Audit

Perform a trash and recycling audit using the Anchorage Museum Trash Audit guide.

CoLab: Pom-Poms

Learn how to make Pom-pom at home using simple materials. Step by step instructions provided.

CoLab: Japanese Stab Softcover

Learn basic Japanese Stab bookbinding techniques with our step-by-step guide. Includes Binding Patterns for three journal styles.

CoLab: Embroidery

Learn basic embroidery techniques using this step-by-step guide. Includes two sampler projects and guides for nine beginner embroidery stitches.

CoLab: Button Making

Learn how to create homemade buttons with this step-by-step guide. Show your passions with custom buttons.

Science Passport: Window Phenology

Learn about the environment outside your window and the study of phenology with activities that will connect with the Anchorage Museum’s Science Passport: Home Edition.

Science Passport: Home Edition

Explore the world of science in and around your home. Use this passport to mark the scientific adventures you discover in your everyday spaces.

Science Passport: Ground Exploration

Learn about the details waiting to be observed in ground outside your home with activities that will connect with the Anchorage Museum’s Science Passport: Home Edition.

Dena'ina Word of the Week

Increasing exposure to the Dena’ina language to all who are curious, one word at a time.

Citizen Science: Repeat Photography

Learn about repeat photography and then be a citizen scientist by participating in the Anchorage Museum’s repeat photography project.

BLINK At Home: PlayDoh Robots

Engage your early learner in the investigation of robot design. Create robots out of PlayDoh and found objects around your home.

BLINK At Home: Found Art

Engage your early learner in the creation of a collage using recycled materials.

Art: Denali/Denial

Examine the artwork Denali/Denial by Chris Jordan with 7th grade students

Art: Float

Examine the artworks Float (Slip) & Float (Noatak) by John Grade with 8th grade students.

Art: Unloading

Examine the artwork Unloading by Rie Muñoz with 9th grade students.

Art: The Col

Examine the artwork The Col by Bill Brody with 10th grade students.

Art: Attungaruk the Third’s Whale

Examine the artwork Attungaruk the Third’s Whale by Simon Koonook with 11th grade students.

Art in Objects: Peg Calendars

Examine the objects, peg calendars, with 12th grade students


Audio/visual descriptions for a selection of pieces in our Art of the North galleries for visitors who are blind or partially sighted. 

Art: Women of the North

Examine the Women of the North series by Rebecca Lyon with 2nd grade students.

Art: Radio Babies

Examine the artwork Radio Babies by George Ahgupuk with 5th grade students.

Anchorage: Maps and Place Names

Explore 4 primary sources to learn about Anchorage and its place names through photographs and maps with 2nd-12th grade students.

Alaska Salmon, Migration, and Immigration

Explore 2 primary sources to learn about how salmon canneries have influenced Alaska Native land and harvesting rights, and impacted human migration and immigration in Alaska with 2nd-12th grade students and up.

Shaawatke’é’s Birth: Language, Identity, and Art

Examine the relationship of language, culture, and identity through the poem Shaawatke’é’s Birth by Emily Wall and X’unei Lance Twitchell and works of art from the Anchorage Museum with 9th-12th grade students.

Sensory-Friendly and Access Morning Story Guide

Share this guide with anyone attending a Sensory-Friendly and Access Morning at the museum.

Art: Punk Nanuk Inua

Examine the artwork Punk Nanuk Inua by Lawrence James Beck with 4th grade students.

Art: Neqeniighta

Examine the artwork Neqeniighta by James Temte, Michelle Xiao, and Jon Burpee with 6th grade students.

Art: Marie Rexford

Examine the artwork Marie Rexford by Brian Adams for Kindergarten or 9th-12th grade students.

Art: Muir Glacier

Examine the artwork Muir Glacier by Thomas Hill with 3rd grade students.

Art: Everything I Love Is Here

Examine the artwork Everything I Love is Here by Alvin Amason with 1st grade students.

Art: Blueberries

Examine the artwork Blueberries by James Robert Schoppert for 9th-12th students.


Learn about the impacts of earthquakes on landscapes and communities by analyzing primary sources from the Anchorage Museum’s archives with 5th-12th grade students.

What We Eat

 Explore objects and ideas connected to foodways in the North with K-12th grade students.

School Field Trip Visitor Story Guide

Share this guide with students to let them know what to expect on their museum field trip.

General Public Visitor Study Guide

Share this guide with anyone to let them know what to expect when they visit the museum as a member of the public.


Learn about the practice of foraging and related museum objects with 2nd-12th grade students.

Contemporary Identities

Learn more about contemporary artists who examine identity through their artworks with 9th-12th grade students.

Bowhead Whale

Dive into the objects and ideas connected to the bowhead whale with 3rd-12th grade students.

Northern Waters

Dive into the northern waters of Alaska with K-12th grade students.


Explore objects, images and ideas connected to surviving and thriving in the North with K-12th grade students.


Explore the idea of belonging through artworks created by artists who have made Alaska their home with K-12th grade students.


Use this book with K-12th grade students to explore the I AM INUIT exhibition.

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