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Art: Denali/Denial

Examine the artwork Denali/Denial by Chris Jordan with 7th grade students

Art: Float

Examine the artworks Float (Slip) & Float (Noatak) by John Grade with 8th grade students.

Art: The Col

Examine the artwork The Col by Bill Brody with 10th grade students.

Art: Attungaruk the Third’s Whale

Examine the artwork Attungaruk the Third’s Whale by Simon Koonook with 11th grade students.

Art in Objects: Peg Calendars

Examine the objects, peg calendars, with 12th grade students

Science Passport: Home Edition

Explore the world of science in and around your home. Use this passport to mark the scientific adventures you discover in your everyday spaces.

I am Inuit

Use this book with K12 students to explore the I AM INUIT exhibition.

Northern Waters

Dive into the northern waters of Alaska with K12 students.


Explore objects, images and ideas connected to surviving and thriving in the North with K12 students.


Explore the idea of belonging through artworks created by artists who have made Alaska their home with K12 students.

Twenty Questions

Delve deeply by using this deck of twenty questions to ask any museum object with K-12 students.

What We Eat

Explore objects and ideas connected to foodways in the North with K12 students.

Bowhead Whale

Dive into the objects and ideas connected to the bowhead whale with 3-12 students.

Contemporary Identities

Learn more about contemporary artists who examine identity through their artworks with 9th grade + students.

Anchorage: Maps and Place Names

Explore 4 primary sources to learn about Anchorage and its place names through photographs and maps with 2-12 students.

Alaska Salmon, Migration, and Immigration

Explore 2 primary sources to learn about how salmon canneries have influenced Alaska Native land and harvesting rights, and impacted human migration and immigration in Alaska with 2-12 students.

Shaawatke’é’s Birth: Language, Identity, and Art

Examine the relationship of language, culture, and identity through the poem ‘Shaawatke’é’s Birth’ by Emily Wall and X’unei Lance Twitchell and works of art from the Anchorage Museum with students in the ninth grade and up.


Learn about the practice of foraging and related museum objects with grade 2+ students.


Learn about the impacts of earthquakes on landscapes and communities by analyzing primary sources from the Anchorage Museum’s archives with grade 5+ students.

Art: Marie Rexford

Examine the artwork Marie Rexford by Brian Adams for Kindergarten or 9th+ grade students.

Art: Women of the North

Examine the Women of the North series by Rebecca Lyon with 2nd grade students.

Art: Everything I Love Is Here

Examine the artwork Everything I Love is Here by Alvin Amason with 1st grade students.

Art: Muir Glacier

Examine the artwork Muir Glacier by Thomas Hill with 3rd grade students.

Art: Punk Nanuk Inua

Examine the artwork Punk Nanuk Inua by Lawrence James Beck with 4th grade students.

Art: Radio Babies

Examine the artwork Radio Babies by George Ahgupuk with 5th grade students.

Art: Neqeniighta

Examine the artwork Neqeniighta by James Temte, Michelle Xiao, and Jon Burpee with 6th grade students.

Art: Blueberries

Examine the artwork Blueberries by James Robert Schoppert for high school students.

School Field Trip Visitor Study Guide

Share this guide with students to let them know what to expect on their museum field trip.

Sensory-Friendly and Access Morning

Share this guide with anyone attending a Sensory-Friendly and Access Morning at the museum.

General Public Visitor Study Guide

Share this guide with anyone to let them know what to expect when they visit the museum as a member of the public.

Translated Museum Maps

Share these maps with anyone who would benefit in a museum map in one of the nine languages provided.  

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