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20 QuestionsDelve deeply by using this deck of twenty questions to ask any museum object with K-12 students.

Feature: Fred Machentanz - Miowak

(1908-2002) Fred Machentanz was an artist, painter, and illustrator known for his depictions of Alaska landscapes and way of life.

Feature: Effie Sheldon Bornhoft

American self-taught artist and watercolor painter Effie Sheldon Bornhoft (1895-1965) created over 8,000 paintings, choosing to sell none of them. The Anchorage Museum has a large number of her Alaska-themed works

Rebecca Lyon

“We stand on the shoulders of the past. The artist’s job is to record the time in which we live.”, Rebecca Lyon, Athabascan/Unangan artist.

Rebecca Lyon #2

A photograph of her great-grandmother, who was sold into slavery as a girl, inspired Athabascan/Unangan artist Rebecca Lyon to create art that explores themes around women’s rights.

Feature: Susie Silook

Yupik/Inupiaq carver and sculptor Susie Silook speaks about her father’s influence and how she puts her own life experience in her work.

Holly Nordlum

“In Yup’ik culture, the spiritual world and the world we live in, at the core of that is one being with many, many sides", Holly Mititquq Nordlum, Inupiaq artist.

Feature: Amber Webb

“Thousands of years of ancestors are between me and the beginning of the stories I tell…It’s really important to remember the pragmatism of our people. We do what needs to be done even when it’s hard.”

Learn about the art work of Yup’ik and Unangan visual artist Amber Webb in this video profile.

Museum Collection: Edna Davis Jackson

An Anchorage Museum From Home video about Tlingit artist Edna Davis Jackson.

George Ahgupuk

A profile of artist George Ahgupuk and his work "Radio Babies"

Rockwell Kent

A profile of artist Rockwell Kent

Student Art Exhibition

2020 Anchorage School District Student Art Exhibition
We support all of the student artists and the teachers of the Anchorage School District. Since people are unable to see the work in the Anchorage School District art exhibition in person right now, we thought we’d work on bringing some of it to you online: