"Wildmen of Denali" Book Release
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"Wildmen of Denali" Book Release

This event has ended. It was scheduled for 5/3/2024.

6 - 8 p.m. Friday, May 3

First Floor, East Wing, Patricia B. Wolf Family Galleries

In-Person Event

Lines of Sight comic illustrator David Brame celebrates the release of Wildmen of Denali, a comic created by the late author Richard Perry, illustrated by Brame, and produced by Łuk’ae Tse’ Taas. Chat with the artist, purchase a signed copy and learn about the importance of collaborative storytelling. 


Richard Perry (Yup’ik/Gwich'in) was a writer, journalist and photographer who wrote the story for Wildmen of Denali. Set in an Alaskan Arctic city in a post-apocalyptic utopian future, the story begins with an Alaska Native family reunited in an idyllic community of Denali City. But what is happening outside the wall? Follow the adventures of Kate, Ryan, Nan and Zeta the AR Auntie through an Indigenous, futuristic Alaska landscape. Said Perry: “There is a Gwich’in tale my grandfather used to tell us when we were young. Beasts, wildmen who lived like animals in the interior. These creatures were ominous, like bogeymen, sometimes taking food, women or even careless children the story goes. These Gwich’in tales were not the sort that had happy endings. These stories were often just as harsh as the winters and just as unforgiving.”

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