Repair & Reuse: Comic-Con Costume Making
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Repair & Reuse: Comic-Con Costume Making

This event has ended. It was scheduled for 4/17/2024.

6:30 - 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 17

Seed Lab, 111 W. 6th Ave

In-Person Event

Alaska’s very own Comic Con is coming up on April 27 & 28. Prepare by creating your own costume or repairing one you already own. Bring costumes and clothes to swap and take home something new, or just come by to work on your costume in the company of others. Learn techniques for repair like patching tears, lengthening pants and sleeves, and all-purpose mending for those costumes that need a little TLC. Facilitated by artist Amy Meissner. Free. Registration recommended. 


Alaska artist Amy Meissner combines handwork, found objects, and abandoned textiles to reference literal, physical and emotional labor. She holds an MFA in creative writing, an MA in critical craft studies, and teaches the craft of repair as an act of prolonging, care and accompaniment of vulnerable objects in transition.

Seeding Repair workshops are building a culture of repair, working to transform our culture into one that repairs more readily than it purchases, to create a more sustainable community. Workshops on mending, repairing outdoor gear, upcycling and object fixing, along with the sharing of how-to skillsets, help remind all of us that low-cost repairs help the climate. Themes change monthly. Have reuse or repair skills you’d like to share? Send your workshop ideas to, or let us know you’d like to volunteer with us. 

Image: Bryan Adams


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