"Wintermoot" Book Eight Release
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"Wintermoot" Book Eight Release

6 - 9 p.m. Friday, June 7

First Floor, East Wing, Patricia B. Wolf Galleries

In-Person Event

Lines of Sight comic author and illustrator Nathan Shafer celebrates the release of Wintermoot Book Eight. Chat with the artist, purchase a signed copy and learn about the Wintermoot universe.


Nathan Shafer is an Anchorage-based new media artist, author, and illustrator. Created in 2018, Wintermoot is a series of Augmented Reality comic books featuring interconnected Alaska superhero stories set in a cyberpunk multiverse spanning 100,000 years into the past and future. The stories are speculative fiction, imagining Alaska as if the most inventive space-age dreams of the 1950s had come true, combining those fantastic elements with real-life scenarios. 

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