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"I mostly like [Teen Climate Communicators] because of the people. It’s fun to be around people who are talking about climate change that you don’t always hear about. A lot of times it feels like it’s too serious to talk about in any other setting, but here it’s relaxed and you can talk about it because that’s the whole point. It’s relaxed but you can also talk about things you find pertinent to our environment."

– Braylon, Teen Climate Communicator

“My dad is a big influence because he loves the ocean and the marine life, and so do I. I just find it really fascinating that I can do whatever and be whoever I want because I know a lot of people don’t get to have that chance."

– Carrie-Ann, Teen Climate Communicator

Carrie Ann 1
Haven 1

"I really care about the climate because it’s what affects the place we live in. We can’t just go about our daily lives knowing the Earth is burning. That effect is going to make it so we don’t have a home, and also the cultural effects it has a rural and Native communities. I myself am Native, so it hits a little closer to home. That’s another big thing for me."

– Haven, Teen Climate Communicator

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