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Call for Participation

Herotaslaska Istock 546762954

Youth, ages 12-19 (living in Tasmania and Alaska)

Places perceived as peripheral are often at the center of environmental knowledge, change, adaptation and response. In these ways, they are connected rather than remote. People in peripheral places share a sense of time and landscape. With Taslaska, we connect Tasmania and Alaska. We invite contributions to our virtual zine, hosted by the Anchorage Museum in Alaska and Project O and the Burnie Art Gallery in Tasmania.

Future Ready

Call for Ideas



Throughout time, humans have developed essentials for survival—tools, kits and constructions for making it out of dire predicaments alive—anticipating the inconceivable.

As the world faces the unprecedented of the climate crisis and pandemics, impacts will vary over time and with the ability of different societal and environmental systems to mitigate or adapt. Human lifeways and ecosystems will be changed.

We are seeking images, ideas, words and inventions as well as survival manuals or proposals for constructions and installations—all for future readiness, whether practical, imaginative and speculative.

Aesthetics of Hanging Laundry

Call for Instagram Posts

The photo project Aesthetics of Hanging Laundry by Andreas Hoffmann investigates if and how Greenlanders subconsciously hang laundry in a way which refers to the age-long passion for colors and patterns as it is passed on in form of avittat, the traditional leather embroidery that is an important part of the national costume. It is striking that some people prefer to hang laundry according to size and colors, while others show a sense for repeating patterns. Often the laundry`s color matches the color of the owner`s house. Not everybody has this aesthetic way of order, but surprisingly many do. Some seem to also like adding additional scents--while hanging laundry next to drying fish or caribou meat. Aesthetics of Hanging Laundry is about discovering the beauty of sculptures consisting of stiff, frozen sheets and towels. It is a call to enjoy dependence on weather. Dare to dry and never give up. One day, your laundry will be ready.

Post your own Aesthetics of Laundry photos. We can hang our laundry to dry as we all stay home and social distance. Post to Instagram with these hashtags: #aestheticsoflaundry #andreashoffmann #Arcticculturelab #anchoragemuseum #seedlabanchorage

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