Mary Mattingly 

River Lab, 2022–2023 
Repurposed lumber, live plants, and various media 
On loan from the artist

Artists participating in this iteration of River Lab: Indra Arriaga, Julie Chen, Katie Ione Craney, Jaimey Hamilton Faris, Billie Lee, Teal Gardner, Monica Kapoor, Morgan Kulas, Jenny Irene Miller, M.C. MoHagani Magnetek, Rebecca Schultz, Jen Stever, Natalie Stopka, Roberta Trentin, and Tamara Wilson. 

Ecotopian Library, 2020–ongoing 
Selection of books 
Explore a full list of books included in the Ecotopian Library.  




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Hear the artist talk about art and climate change in their own words: 


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