Join us for a series of virtual talks with artists as they consider their own practice in relationship to climate change and care. Artist talks are facilitated by Anchorage Museum Chief Curator Francesca Du Brock.

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View recorded talks below:

Las Hermanas Iglesias

Sisters Lisa and Janelle Iglesias have collaborated artistically as Las Hermanas Iglesias since 2005 alongside their individual studio practices. Las Hermanas Iglesias produce playful work in a variety of mediums, engaging with issues such as community, feminism, and cultural hybridity. WATCH HERE

Carolina Caycedo and Erin Ggaadimits Ivalu Gingrich 

Caycedo is a multidisciplinary artist whose projects are gateways into larger discussions about how we treat each other and the world around us. Ivalu is a Koyukon Athabascan and Inupiaq carver and interdisciplinary artist whose work represents what ties her and her ancestors to the North. WATCH HERE

Martha Atienza and Ellie Schmidt

Atienza is an artist who primarily uses installations and videos to convey pressing issues in her direct environment. Schmidt is an interdisciplinary artist whose work is grounded in feminist theory and marine ecology. WATCH HERE

Mary Mattingly and River Lab Collaborators

New York-based artist Mary Mattingly created River Lab in collaboration with dozens of artists from across the US and Alaska. She is joined by collaborators Jaimey Faris, Jenny Irene Miller, and Jen Stever as they discuss how to live with and learn from waterways. WATCH HERE

Jessie French and Nicole McLaughlin

French in an artist and designer who specializes in algae-based plastics, reimagining our relationship with the environment and technology. McLaughlin is a multidisciplinary designer focused on upcycling deadstock, samples, and unexpected materials in her designs. WATCH HERE

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