Lorena Medina Martínez Cropped

Lorena Medina Martínez

Archaeologist and Mother

Lorena Medina Martínez, archaeologist and mother, is originally from Mexico City. Lorena worked as an archaeologist at the National Institution of Anthropology and History (INAH) in Mexico City before moving to Anchorage in 1998. She is currently a graduate student in the anthropology department at the University of Alaska Anchorage.

Lorena moved to Alaska for what she thought would be a temporary stay, but fell in love with the people, landscapes, and opportunities she found here. She has never lost her enthusiasm for learning about this place, which has become her second home.

Lorena has worked on various archaeological excavations and survey projects throughout Mexico and Alaska. In addition to her field work, she presents archeological data to the public in a relatable way through lectures, presentations, and journal articles in both Spanish and English. Lorena is also a lover of literature, participating in poetry events and contributing to Anchorage’s bilingual newspaper Sol de Medianoche. She is also active in Anchorage’s Latinx community events.

Lorena’s advice to other Extra Tough women and girls is about determination: “Never stop believing in yourself. When someone say no, you keep trying somewhere else. When a door closes, you knock on another door. When an opportunity disappears, you start looking for the next one.”

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Photos courtesy of Lorena Medina Martínez.

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