Helen Fischer

Helen Fischer

Staunch Advocate for Women's Rights

Helen Fischer was one of six female Alaska Constitutional Convention delegates, and a staunch advocate for women’s rights. Helen came to Alaska in 1945 and quickly became involved in promoting Alaska statehood.

She served as the first secretary for Operation Statehood, with E.L. “Bob” Bartlett, traveling across Alaska and applying much-needed pressure on Washington, D.C. officials for Statehood. She was a member of the Democratic National Committee from 1956-1963 and served in the Alaska State House of Representatives from 1957-1961, and again from 1971-1975. Between her State Legislature terms, Helen worked for the U.S. Treasury as the state director of Bond Savings.

These images, taken by Steve McCutcheon on Oct. 30, 1964, show Helen in her office in Dgheyaytnu/Anchorage. Did you know Helen Fischer and have a story you’d like to share about her? We’d love to know more about her and the powerful women in your life. Share your images and stories with us on Instagram and Facebook by tagging @anchoragemuseum and #ExtraToughWomenAK to be added to our ongoing digital curation project.

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Photos from the Steve McCutcheon Collection; Anchorage Museum, B1990.014.5.People.14.221.8; Steve McCutcheon Collection; Anchorage Museum, B1990.014.5.People.14.221.13

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