Become a Museum Sustainer

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Want an easy way to support your museum? Monthly giving allows you to make secure, automatic monthly payments from your credit or debit card to ensure support for the programming you love.

Giving monthly is a blessing for your museum, because it provides sustainable support every month that allows us to plan ahead and focus our resources on bringing you more programming, rather than looking for support. Giving monthly may be better for you, too. Making a small donation each month is affordable, and allows you to have a bigger impact.

As a museum sustainer, someone who gives each month, we know you love the museum, and we're so very grateful for your support. You helped us through the past few challenging years, and we're still here, sharing the people, places and culture of the North with you, your neighbors, and people from across the globe.

Show your love for your museum by becoming a museum sustainer. Giving every month provide critical, sustainable support. Monthly donors also get early access to special programming, invitations to behind the scenes tours, and other benefits. Click the link below to get started today.


I like having an automatic deduction from my credit card every month. It lets me provide the museum with regular support, and – I never need to worry about whether or not to send a check. It’s an efficient and convenient way to make my donations.
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