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Reflecting on climate change in Alaska’s forests through the performing arts

When discussing climate change and its impact on forests, artist John Grade says his installation, Spark, emphasizes the power of fire. Wildfire changes the landscape, burning trees in its wake and leaving room for new growth behind it.

Climate Change Theatre Action, a group of artists whose worldwide series of readings and performances of short climate change plays are presented biennially, visited Anchorage in conjunction with Spark, hosting several outdoor performances during September and October 2021. CCTA’s performance included themes of rebirth and renewal, and included readings of several climate change plays, and dance performances. View recordings of them here.

Act I, performed by Momentum Dance Collective
Momentum Dance Collective combine music and movement during a special performance in Kincaid Park.

Act II, “The Project Hope”
The Project Hope, a short play written by Catherine Banks, explores the idea that hope cannot only come through rationality, but must include the experience and knowledge of natural beauty.

Act III, performed by Sunlight Collaboration Dance
Sunlight Collaboration Dance’s outdoor dance performance creates a space for energetic, joyful movement within the natural landscape.

Act IV, “Bedtime Story for My Future Daughter”
Bedtime Story for My Future Daughter is a short play written by Caity-Shea Violette. Says Violette: “As a storyteller, I am always fascinated by how we will explain the world we are fighting to change to the children who are just entering it.”

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