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Top 5 Reasons Virtual Summer Camp is Cool

Reason #5: 

Making new friends without even leaving home means your little citizen of the world could become besties with another virtual camper who lives in Paris, France – or Utqiagvik, Alaska.

Reason #4:

Running your own museum is cool. And so is learning about what it’s like to create a museum exhibition by creating one with fellow virtual campers. (Yup, that’s one of our camps).

Reason #3:

The next best thing to your kids becoming astronauts is getting their NASA on by creating spacecraft rovers, controlling telescopes that capture real images of the Moon and Mars, and observing the night sky from anywhere on Earth. (Yet another of our cool camps).

Reason #2:

You’ll thank us when your kiddo saves your family from the next Big One by designing a prototype for a natural-disaster-proof structure that keeps humans and their pets safe. (Yes, we teach heroism in the guise of physics and engineering).

And the Top Reason Anchorage Museum Summer Camps are the Coolest Thing Your Kid Will Do This Summer:

Ditching hovering parents for the wilds of the backyard/park/neighborhood to test experiments away from the computer screen. (And vice versa, parents).

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