October 26, 2020

ANCHORAGE, AK – The Anchorage Museum announces the artists participating in Alaska Biennial 2020. The Alaska Biennial is organized by the Anchorage Museum and celebrates place through the lens of contemporary art. Alaska Biennial participants are Alaska-based contemporary artists exploring the North, its people, histories, and landscapes through a variety of media. The 2020 edition of the Alaska Biennial comes at a time of massive social and ecological change, and artists respond accordingly, reflecting their visions for the future.

The exhibition’s call for entries drew 444 submissions from 129 artists. From these submissions, 127 works were selected representing each artist that submitted to the call and met the qualifications for the exhibition. Works include drawing, painting, mixed media, craft, jewelry, fiber art, visual art, metalsmithing, printmaking, encaustic, ceramic, book/paper arts, photography and sculpture.

The exhibition is on view at the Anchorage Museum Nov. 6, 2020, through April 4, 2021.

Alaska Biennial is made possible with the support from Alaska State Council on the Arts, National Endowment for the Arts, Municipality of Anchorage, Anchorage Museum Association, and Anchorage Museum Foundation Alaska Airlines Silver Anniversary Fund.


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Image: On the Root Glacier by Kathy Smith.


Indra Arriaga Delgado, Anchorage
Other People's Dreams
Oil, wax, gel transfer, pencil on canvas

Terri Atwell, Anchorage
Changing Landscape

Karl Becker, Cordova
Red-Necked Grebe with Young in Gold
Watercolor and gold leaf

Susan Biggs, Soldotna
Roof Dwellers
Pigment inkjet print

Beth Blankenship, Anchorage
2020 Commemorative Pin
Fabric, beads, metal, thread

Kayo Bogdan, Anchorage
You Are Missed

Keith Boggs, Anchorage
Muskox Thrive on Arctic Sedges Over Basalt
Oil on canvas

Talia Bowles, Anchorage
Beautiful Straight Jacket

Honore Buckley, Anchorage
Barnacle Ferns
Beads, thread

Jean Bundy, Anchorage
Paradox of Productivity
Acrylic on canvas

Melanie Burns, Anchorage
Lake Reflections
crylic on canvas

Sharlene Cline, Homer
Meteorite Peak
Watercolor, ink, rice paper on acrylic

Michael Conti, Anchorage
The People
Giclee print

Katie Ione Craney, Haines
Hearing Loss
Mixed media

Mike Criss, Wasilla
Star Trails
Digital canvas print

Lloyd Crow, Anchorage
Fracking - The Second Coming of Krakatoa
Mixed media

Carol Cunningham Turner, Eagle River
Archival inkjet print

Bob Curtis-Johnson, Anchorage
Giclee print

Jonathan Daining, Anchorage
Kachemak Bay
Oil on canvas

Graham Dane, Anchorage
Instructions for Travelling Inwards
Acrylic and mixed media on vinyl

Monica Daugherty, Juneau
Oil on canvas

Gail Davidson, Fairbanks
It's a Dog's Life
Wool on linen

Don Decker, Anchorage
An Arctic Circle
Colored pencil and graphite pencil on paper

Alanna DeRocchi, Anchorage
Mixed media

Debbie Dubac, Anchorage
Stare at the Fire (fireweed)
Acrylic on board

Suzanne Dvorak, Anchorage
Dory Story
Mixed media on wood

Bob Eastaugh, Anchorage
Golden Hour
Digital C print

Daniel Firmin, Juneau
The Decolonizer
Copper with baleen and sinew

Colleen Firmin Thomas, Fairbanks
I Will Keep the Score
Mixed media

Jimmie Froehlich, Anchorage
La Source - Falls Creek Falls
Oil on tarpaper

Dan Fruits, Juneau
Snow Patterns 2
Oil on canvas

Hal Gage, Anchorage
Population Explosion
Pigment ink transfer

Ray Gamradt, Palmer
Learning to Read
Charcoal on board

June Gerteisen, Palmer
Frost Heave
Acrylic on canvas

Stephen Gerteisen, Palmer
Piece of Artist #1
Acrylic on canvas

Jo Going and Connie Stricks, Homer and Fairbanks
Watercolor on paper on board

K N Goodrich, Anchorage
Rainy Day Memories (Juneau)
Pastel, watercolor, digital print

Robert Green, Anchorage
An Unexpected View
Oil on canvas

Sanjana Greenhill, Anchorage
The Confluence
Pigment inkjet print

Becky Grunder, Anchorage
Horizon #44
Acrylic on canvas

Anya Gudimova, Anchorage
Counting Petals
Oil on canvas

Somer Hahm, Fairbanks
Friendship Link
Acrylic on canvas

Hans Hallinen, Anchorage
Nebulous White SW7063
Mixed media

Nancy Hausle Johnson, Fairbanks
Northern Take Off

Kelly Hebert, Anchorage
Ramen Bowl

Jessie Hedden, Fairbanks
Pallet Sculpture

Kelley Hegarty Lammers, Fairbanks
Oil on canvas

Yuliya Helgesen-Thompson, Anchorage
Reflection of Last Summer
Oil on canvas

Mary Henrikson, Ward Cove
Mychillium II
Oil on canvas

Lily Hope, Juneau
BLM Allies Armband
Merino wool and cedar bark

Rhonda Horton, Wasilla
Solitary Sandpiper
Solarplate intaglio monotype

Steve Hyams, Anchorage
Lower Kisaralik Falls
Gouache on paper

Elizabeth Irving, Fairbanks
Plan Your House So Carefully
Ink on paper

Brenda Jaeger, Anchorage
As the Tundra Melts
Acrylic on canvas

Matt Johnson, Anchorage
Field Jacket 3
Pigment inkjet print

Rachael Juzeler, Douglas
Pears [Grandma's & Duane's]
Mixed media

Alyson Kennard, Anchorage
Hide and Seek
Oil on wood

Margo Klass, Fairbanks
Beaver Creek
Mixed media

Susan LaGrande, Anchorage
Tide Pool and Sea Squirts
Metal, glass beads

Carol Lambert, Anchorage
Icarus in the Arctic

Robert LaMontagne, Fairbanks
Temporal Curve
Glass, wood, steel

Sylvia Lange, Cordova
Harbor Under Quarantine Flag
Acrylic on linen

Cat Larrea, Anchorage
Meares Glacier

Stephen Lawrie, Sitka
Father and Daughter (end of a long trip)
Acrylic on canvas

Kara Lewandowski, Anchorage
Before it was “Lake Clark”
Acrylic on canvas

Teri Lindseth, Anchorage
Acrylic on canvas

Kristin Link, Glennallen
Frozen Ocean Diptych
Cyanotype on paper

Emily Longbrake, Anchorage
River, Ridge, Range Columns
Birch plywood, thread

Shiela Mahaney, Anchorage
Abstract Ceiling
Giclee print

Klara Maisch, Fairbanks
Skull Peak
Oil on linen

Kimberly Marcucci, Anchorage
Acrylic and charcoal on canvas

Janelle Matz and Leslie Matz, Anchorage
Mermaid's Purse
Halibut skin, brass

Puanani Maunu, Juneau
Frozen Pond, Fish Creek
Oil on Masonite

Terry McBee, Soldotna
Spring Sojourn, A Study of Canada Geese in Black Walnut

Mark McDermott, Anchorage
Picking the Net

Kerby Mcghee, Anchorage
Hatcher Pass
Oil on canvas

Nancy McKay, Talkeetna
Mountain Series 4
Oil graphite pencil and oil pastel on paper

Amy Meissner, Anchorage
Birth Weight: 8lbs, 4oz
Linen, wool, nylon thread, stones

Jenny Irene Miller, Anchorage
Legs (self-portrait)
Digital inkjet print

Sharry Miller, Valdez
Coral Trio
Fused glass and acrylic on wood

M. Scott Moon, Kenai
McNeil River Sauna #2
Pigment inkjet print

Jennifer Moss, Fairbanks
Gouache, acrylic, graphite on canvas

Rachel Mulvihill, Fairbanks
Alaskan Landscape
Acrylic on canvas

Ree Nancarrow, Fairbanks
Habitat Loss, Plumage Mismatch

Monica O'Keefe, Anchorage
Ravens and Snowflakes are not Black and White
Acrylic on canvas

Austin Parkhill, Homer
'Rona Lisa Smile
Acrylic and graphite on board

David Personius, Fairbanks
Red-Necked Grebes
Wood and paint

Lisa Peter, Fairbanks
Glass Mask Bowl
Canvas with fused glass

David Pettibone, Homer
Summer of Fire
Oil on canvas

Tami Phelps, Anchorage
Acrylic, fiber, assemblage on cradleboard

Marji Plessinger, Fairbanks
Pipeline Gold
Acrylic and ink on canvas

Gail Priday, Fairbanks
Begin Again
Oil on canvas

MaryBeth Printz, Anchorage
When it is Time
Oil on canvas

Sonia Pullins, Anchorage
O’Malley Peak
Acrylic on canvas

Jay Reto, Anchorage
Mixed media

David Rosenthal, Cordova
Island in the Sun
Oil on linen

Kathryn Rousso, Ketchikan
Changing Directions
Waxed linen thread, beads, yellow cedar bark, round reed

Alexander ‘Sasha’ Sagan, Anchorage
Portrait of a Woman
Oil on canvas

Natalie Schuldt, Fairbanks
Lowbush Cranberries
Relief woodcut print

Jannah Sexton-Atkins, Anchorage
Prayer Marker: Shrine to Wetlands Habitat
Mixed media

Maria Shell, Anchorage
Mosh Pit @ the Golden

Erica Olive Shirk, Valdez
Tsunami and Earthquake Diptych
Woodblock print

Christine Smith, Anchorage
O'Malley at Dusk
Glass and copper

Kathy Smith, Homer
On the Root Glacier
Oil on linen

Mike Smith, Cordova

Scott Spooner, Anchorage
Wheat Grass Ghosts
Acrylic and foliage on canvas

Marianne Stolz, Fairbanks
Pondering Pond Scum

Kristy Summers, Anchorage
Mixed media

Iris Sutton, Fairbanks
Good Bear
Acrylic on canvas

Cody Swanson, Anchorage
Castle in a Talkeetna Mountain Valley
Ink on gelatin silver print

Sara Tabbert, Fairbanks
Acrylic on yellow cedar

Shoko Takahashi, Anchorage
Four Seasons
Screen print accordion book

Sharon Trager, Anchorage
Woman in Repose
Oil on collaged oil paper

Tim Troll, Anchorage
Noel Polty - Let's Dance
Acrylic on canvas

Tom Turner, Eagle River
Between Beluga Point and Bird Point
Archival inkjet print

Ronald Viol, Anchorage
Alien Seeds 2020

Natasha Webster, Anchorage
The Revolution
Acrylic and mixed media on canvas

Jacob Wilson, Anchorage
Graphite and mixed media on paper

Tamara Wilson, Fairbanks
Custom Cabinet
Wood and embroidery thread

Robert Winfree, Anchorage
Alaska in My Pocket - Pocket Paintings
Mixed media

Evelyn Wiszinckas, Kodiak
Encaustic on wood

Theresa Woldstad, North Pole
Navigating Ambiguous Waters
Mixed media

Douglas Yates, Ester
Medusa's Mirror
Archival inkjet print

M. Thompson, Anchorage
Westchester 2020
Collage on paper

Artem Zhdanov, Fairbanks
Dark Dimensions and Folk Tale Landscapes - Mountain King 3
Digital canvas print

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