SEED Lab puts creative practitioners in service of and in partnership with the community in proposing solutions to challenges facing Northern places, people and climate and in establishing the North as a catalyst for change.

SEED Lab programs and activities focus on creative and critical thinking as a way for the North to be aspirational and solutions-based and to connect people and ideas in ways that have not occurred before—in a radical, relevant and transformative ways. SEED Lab projects are guided by cohorts, which are cross-disciplinary and include creative practice professionals, community change agents (residents), and other experts.

Anchorage is host to some of the key issues facing the globe. As a Northern community, we are transforming environmental, social and economic challenges into opportunities that potentially can be shared with communities around the world.

We are interested in projects that:

  • Change perceptions of art/design as a partner
  • Increase participation in community issues and solutions
  • Focus on creative and critical thinking
  • Are aspirational and solutions-based
  • Positively affect perceptions of the city and it's identity
  • Connect people and ideas in new ways

SEED Lab is primarily focused on improving the human experience in the North and responding to climate change.

SEED Lab is also a building within the city’s Design District, which will host discussions and serve as a space to prototype ideas. The building itself is a lab and a place to seed ideas and solutions.

We believe that creativity can spur compelling outcomes. We believe that the creative process can lead to new ways of listening to communities and can provide opportunities for all.

SEED Lab is one of five winners of the Bloomberg Philanthropy’s Public Art Challenge. The Challenge awards $1 million each to five cities to create public art that explores pressing social issues. Bloomberg’s last Public Art Challenge ran in 2014 and eventually led to an estimated $13 million in economic growth across the four areas where projects were installed. So Bloomberg re-launched the idea in February 2018 with this competition that drew more than 200 entries from cities with at least 30,000 or more people. At its core, art is meant to be talked about. The hope is that more discussion leads to positive change–and perhaps a model for what’s possible elsewhere.

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We will begin launching some cohorts in April and May, including a community design session with Colloqate Design, a residency with Bart Van Peel of the Captain Boomer collective, a series of “Mother Tongue” projects with artists Magdalena Jadwiga Härtelová and Shaghayegh Cyrous, an iteration of the ReWilding project with Sheryl Maree Reily, and an event to consider ideas around “citizen science” with the Arctic Design Group, Lateral North, the Arctic Institute, Launch Alaska and others.

Have an idea for a project? Propose it at our SEED Lab pitch event coming up May 4, 2019, in conjunction with the North x North Summit & Festival. Two more pitch events will also be held in 2019, in August and October. For more information, contact SEED@anchoragemuseum.org.



Participating Creative Practitioners

  • Land Art Generator
  • Mobil Savage
  • Connie Samaras
  • Brett Gundlock (Boreal Collective)
  • Bart Van Peel (Captain Boomer Collective)
  • NORDTING - The Northern Assembly
  • Mary Mattingly
  • Justin Brice Guariglia
  • Rebeca Mendez
  • Judit Hersko
  • Ilkka Halso
  • Eve Mosher
  • Tea Makippa
  • Sandi Hilal and Allesandro Petti
  • Icelandic Love Corporation
  • Colloquate
  • Arctic Design Group
  • Lateral North
  • Sheryl Maree Reily
  • Victoria Hermman
  • Sergio De La Torre and Chris Treggiari

SEED Lab wins $1 Million grant


SEED Lab is made possible with support from:


  • Bloomberg Philanthropies
  • Surdna Foundation
  • Atwood Foundation
  • National Endowment for the Arts


For more information about SEED Lab, contact seed@anchoragemuseum.org.