“The air is so clear in the North that one new to it is lost in the crowding of great heights and spices. Distant peaks had risen over the lower mountains of the shore astern. Steep spruce-clad slopes confronted us. All around was the wilderness…”
- Rockwell Kent, Wilderness: A Journey of Quiet and Adventure in Alaska

American painter Rockwell Kent (1882-1971) wrote prolifically about his time on Fox Island in Alaska’s Resurrection Bay. He arrived in August 1918, and for the next seven months, there he would experience “the inner power of nature.”

The Anchorage Museum commemorates the 100th anniversary of Kent’s Alaska adventure with Wilderness Week, a series of events and programs Nov. 6-10 emphasizing our relationship with the natural world and how it shapes our worldview. Join us for a Rockwell Kent mini-symposium, artist talks, an urban fat bike tour, wildcrafting and a museum-wide public event and party called The Great Wide Open. Here’s the schedule:

Tuesday, Nov. 6

Wednesday, Nov. 7

Thursday, Nov 8

Friday, Nov. 9

Saturday, Nov. 10

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