Creative North

Polar Lab connects the contemporary and future North through active investigation and dialogue.


Urban Harvest

Learn traditional skills, along with their history and modern contexts, in this series of five classes for the urban homesteader.

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A space + a new way of thinking and creating, envisioning positive futures for the North.


Mary Mattingly

Mary Mattingly creates “living sculptures” that function as an ecosystem.



Forty years after hip-hop culture was born in the South Bronx district of New York City, its foundational creative forms, or “four elements,” are taking on new life with Indigenous artists of the Circumpolar North.

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TERRA Installation

Using off-the-shelf technology to deliver content is a new strategy for the museum. This project serves as an entry point for conversation, meditation, exploration, education and awareness of the Arctic.


Jerome Saclamana, Levi Tetpon, and Clifford Apatiki Material Traditions


Derek Coté

Derek Coté is interested in the Arctic’s historical, global reputation as a cold, desolate and unfavorable place––in contrast to the currently developing vision of the Arctic as a rich, textured and valuable environment that is being accessed at an increasing rate due to receding ice floes and resource scarcity.