Polar Lab connects the contemporary and future North through active investigation and dialogue.

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A space + a new way of thinking and creating, envisioning positive futures for the North.


Wilderness Week

Examine and celebrate the ideas and values around “wilderness” and how Anchorage and Alaska culture is shaped by its physical environment.

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Aiviq and Nanuq: Sea Horse and Sea Bear of the Arctic

New and existing artworks by Northern artists present the Arctic through depictions of two iconic animals that depend upon sea ice: the walrus and the polar bear.


John Grade Murmur

Seattle artist John Grade explores sculptural forms that suggest floats. Glass fishing floats have been making their way to the Alaska Arctic coast from Asia on ocean currents for the past century.


Maktak and Gasoline: The People of Point Hope

This exhibition highlights the community of Point Hope, a small Iñupiaq village in northwest Alaska, as revealed through the photography by Ellis Doeven.