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“It is important to talk about and take action on climate change because
I want to protect Alaska so that I and generations to come will always
have a place to call home."

- Greta DeBerry, Teen Climate Communicator

“Sailing is a passion in my family. We kept our sailboat in Whittier,
but last summer my family had to take our sailboat out of Whittier’s
harbor because climate change threatened not only our sailboat, but
the entirety of Whittier along with it. Barry Glacier, about 60 miles east
of Anchorage, is melting, increasing the risk of a landslide. If said land-
slide were to happen, the rockfall could cause a tsunami that would
devastate the coast of Whittier.

- Emery Richards-Lindeke, Teen Climate Communicator





“Earth is my home, so taking action on climate change is important
to me. Participating in local projects that help conserve our
communities is a small thing that can make a big impact."

- Summer Powell, Teen Climate Communicator