Artist John Grade is developing a public art project titled Spark.  Spark is a multi-faceted project that includes: The development of a sculpture that will bear evidence of forest fires, after being placed in natural environments and undergoing burn tests; composed photographs of the burn tests for social media; community conversations (including virtual); collaboration with students, designers and other artists, regionally and internationally, to stimulate additional creative efforts and public art installations that can connect to issues of wildfires and climate.  The project connects to locations in California and Australia. A film will be accompany the project.

We will engage communities in the following questions:

What might we learn from forest fire ecology that we can apply to designs for shelter and refuge? 

How can public art engage communities in critical issues in ways other forms of education and awareness and advocacy might not?

How might forested landscapes impacted by fires relate to changing conditions beyond tree line in alpine and Polar regions?

Can a sculpture increase awareness of practical ways we might protect our homes, families and forests?