Examine landscapes, from the natural world and cultural landscape, to political and vernacular landscapes, to the body as landscape. Find a special emphasis on design and future landscapes during Anchorage Design Week, Oct. 2-10.


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Opportunities share ideas, knowledge and skills. Join artists, designers, writers, curators and others to examine connections to nature and to each other. Offerings present ideas and around mending, writing, list-making, walking, healing and the landscape.  

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Events + Conversations

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Virtual convenings about the reciprocal relationship between nature and humans in a time of transformation, and ideas of mapping, social spaces, self-sufficiency, decolonization, and our collective futures.

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Artists and designers from Alaska and the North create art in public and urban realms, exploring ideas of shelter and refuge, healing and seclusion, and future-readiness. 

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In Residence

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Ash Adams

Ash Adams is a photojournalist and documentary photographer based in Anchorage, Alaska, who works primarily for national and international media. Adams' work has been featured in The New York Times, The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Mother Jones, Rolling Stone, TIME, GEO, Stern, Aljazeera America, and other national and international publications. 


Chatter Marks


Chatter Marks is a podcast of the Anchorage Museum dedicated to exploring Alaska’s identity through the creative and critical thinking of ideas—past, present and future. Hosted by Cody Liska.

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Chatter Marks is a journal of the Anchorage Museum, dedicated to creative and critical thinking about the Circumpolar North. The title Chatter Marks is inspired by a geological phenomenon—chatter marks are series of often crescent-shaped gauges chipped out of the bedrock as a glacier drags rock fragments underneath it. With North x North, we launch a digital version of the journal for continuing perspectives.

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The Boreal Film Festival is a way to celebrate the Northern region, the art of filmmaking and the annual North x North Festival. The Boreal Film Festival showcases films that are made in the North, are about the North, or highlight issues relevant to the past, current and future North.  Directors and filmmakers discuss both place and craft and to advance cooperation and collaboration between filmmakers across the Circumpolar North.

Access selected films on demand: Purchase an all-access pass, which allows you to watch all films throughout the festival and the 2020 season for $35. Or, select what individual films for $5 each.   

Virtual panels and conversations with filmmakers will be announced as they become available. ​

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