September – November 2020

North x North is a multi-modal, multi-sited, multi-month, multi-discipline creative festival examining liminal space — the time between the what was and the what’s next. It’s an exploration of transitions and of not knowing. Join us for virtual events, conversations, exhibitions and workshops. Experience public art installations in Anchorage. Submit to our online journal for a global sharing of ideas. Join us for films, artist perspectives, zines and podcasts that offer perspectives of people and place around the themes of shelter, landscape and intersectional self.

North x North image (above) by Michael Conti. Homepage image: Rebeca Mendez, "CircumSolar Migration 1"

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Explore ideas of shelter, refuge, seclusion, protection and sanctuary, from physical forms to narratives.

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Examine landscapes, from the natural world and cultural landscape, to political and vernacular landscapes, to the body as landscape. Find a special emphasis on design and future landscapes during Anchorage Design Week, Oct. 2-10.

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(Intersectional Self)

Focus on our intersectional selves and how we define and redefine women and gender.

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