Stuart Hyatt is a Grammy-nominated artist and musician. He creates interdisciplinary creative projects about our complicated relationship with the natural world. Hyatt is the producer of Field Works, the collaborative series in which experimental musicians transform audio field recordings into music. Each album follows a rigorous conceptual framework - incorporating scientific data and site-based field work - but emerges as a simple, emotionally evocative musical story. This body of work is released via the Brooklyn-based record label Temporary Residence and published by the Dutch imprint Jap Sam Books 

As a National Geographic Explorer, Hyatt is expanding this music into new frequencies: producing records using the ultrasonic echolocations of endangered bats and the infrasonic rumblings of seismic activity. The resulting albums, books, exhibitions, and live performances seek to bring new audiences into uncharted sonic territories, encouraging a closer listen and more thoughtful attention to the voice of a fragile planet. 

Hyatt is also a songwriter and producer of left field pop and folk music, producing work with amateur community participants and non-professionals. He is a member of M12 Studio, the collective known for art projects centered around rural cultures and landscapes. Hyatt works independently via commission as Stuart Hyatt Studio, LLC. He lives in Indianapolis with his family.