Composer / Sound Artist

Originally from Greece, Theocharis is a composer and sound artist based in San Diego, CA.

Taking inspiration from the sound world of inaccessible natural environments (underwater and terrestrial), his work aims to place listeners into auditory representations of such environments and invites them to become immersed into artistic experiences involving sounds unheard.

He is currently a Postdoctoral Scholar at Qualcomm Institute of the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (CalIT2), developing unconventional, multi-modal data rendering techniques with particular focus on sonification of extreme environmental events. Previous experience includes research appointments at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the Center for New Music & Audio Technologies (CNMAT) at UC Berkeley.

Theocharis holds a PhD in Music Composition from the University of California San Diego. Other institutions he studied at include the Eastman School of Music, IRCAM, and Sibelius Academy.

His artistic portfolio consists of instrumental, electroacoustic, acousmatic, sound art, and sound installation works that involve acoustic components, fixed media, and generative and interactive processes, being presented within immersive environments using multi-channel configuration setups and Ambisonics.


His music has been released by ArsPublica. His scores are published by Babel Scores.


Since 2015, Theocharis serves as the Artistic Director of the ilSUONO Contemporary Music Week, a contemporary music festival whose mission is to bring together emerging composers of diverse backgrounds to create, learn, share, and collaborate. The festival takes place every summer in Italy.





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