Crystal Rose Demientieff Worl is Tlingit Athabascan from Raven moiety, Sockeye Clan, from the Raven House.  She is a child of a Thunderbird and from the Chilkat region in Southeast Alaska.  From her mother’s side, she is Deg Hit’an Athabascan from Fairbanks Alaska. Raised between Fairbanks and Juneau, she was introduced at a young age to her traditional arts, practices, and storytelling.  In 2013, Crystal earned a bachelor’s of fine art in jewelry metals and an associate’s of fine art in moving images from the Institute of American Indian Arts. In 2020,  Crystal completed a 3-year apprenticeship in painting and formline design with Haida artist Robert Davidson. Crystal experiments with kiln-cast glass, printmaking, painting, and silversmithing.  She recently began working with fish skin, seal gut-skin, and furs. Crystal studies traditional Tlingit formline design and Athabascan beadwork patterns.  She experiments applying her designs within mixed media and performance. She practices the recreation and modernization of her Clan’s stories and Raven stories from home.  Her work explores the relationships and bonds between her people, the land, and the animals. Today, Crystal lives in Juneau, Alaska working as a co-owner of Trickster Company with her brother Rico Worl. Trickster Company promotes innovative indigenous design focused on the Northwest Coast art and exploration of themes and issues in Native culture.  She will be working with the Museum, other artists, and the Anchorage Community on mural projects in 2022.


IG @crystalworl