TITAN has developed a green façade system for the Research Center of the University of Nantes, as part of the redevelopment of a 300m2 office space, originally designed for shops. The installation features hanging plants on stainless steel tubes connecting the existing concrete columns.

The efficiency of this hydroponic model lies in the optimized maintenance solution. To ensure the longevity of the plants, the hanging geotextile containers use a watering system for subsurface irrigation designed in collaboration with botanist Claude Figureau, former Director of Plant Garden Nantes. Through a textile component directly connected to the root zone, the plants absorb as much water as needed, thus effectively creating a self-sufficient green coat. The synergy between architecture and ecology answers to the specific requirements of the quality of the environment. The façade initially conceived as a showcase serves multiple functions. It is used to improve the air quality, as the vegetation absorbs carbon dioxide and produces oxygen.

Installed along the existing glass façade, our concept seeks to establish new privacy for the office spaces, providing a visual barrier from the street and anticipating different scenarios by blurring the distinction between inside and outside. The ambiance is both intimate and interactive, presenting a moment for exploration. Screen-printings on the glass façade indicate the different plants and invite passers-by to interact with the façade. The installation explores the relationships between the spatial relations and our individual perceptions of it.