Coral Villa

Coral cactus as a source of nature inspiration solution

Nowadays, the energy crisis and environmental pollution are the main global concerns in our societies. Considering what nature does in that particular area is an important factor to design, so architectural design should follow compatible design with the environment to decrease the problems. Successful nature-based design may protect communities in the future. The concept of Coral Villas is designed as an eco-friendly house for the desert region of Arizona (USA).The spiral shape, wrinkled facade, enclosed courtyard with long walls, underground spaces, cross ventilation and bright color of the building with considerable overlay of the openings, are solutions of affordable coral dwelling in desert regions, which leads to moderating the harsh sun glare and modifying the internal temperature. In addition, utilizing solar power as a source of clean energy through the application of solar panels is another technique to meet the energy demand of the house.

Coral Villa mimics coral cacti in the desert area with nature-based design for handling desert conditions and changes the architectural design of the dwellings via considering the surrounding environment.