My work combines sculpture, video, and performance to explore our relationships and shifting perspectives towards natural history, climate change, and non-human species. I have been working on a series of hand-built ceramic works based on ancient Eurasian offering vessels —the rhyton, an animal shaped vessel, the kernos, a circular-shaped vessel, and the lekythos, a narrow vessel associated with funeral rites and loss. These vessels imagine how old forms may play roles in new ceremonies are being used in video projects, hydroponic systems for growing edible plants, and in intimate dinners to encourage ritual, engagement, community, and conversation around climate change.


Thresholds, Hydroponic Rhyton Offering Vessels, 2019, Ceramic vessels with glazes on wood platforms, pump, tubing, water, and living edible plants, 26 x 26 x 24”

Rewilding Offering Hand, Oysters, 2020, Fabric, thread, hand-sculpted ceramic oyster shells and hardware, 56.5 x 27.5 x 1”

Indicator Turtle Shell Offering Kernos, 2018, Stoneware ceramic with glazes, 5.75 x 14 x 14.75”

Offering Vessels for the Future, 2019, Single-channel HD video with sculptural objects, 1:44 minutes