I aim to develop expansive and innovative modes of writing about, with and as art. Within the visual arts discipline, I am focused on Art Writing.

Endorsing Maria Fusco’s “11 statements around art writing” and following Wittgenstein’s assessment on “the case” as everything the world is, I work on multidisciplinary political poetic practices. I seek to compose critical art forms from my non-orthodox artistic education, taking advantage of my theoretical basis in Law, Political Science and Philosophy.

In that sense, I am an outsider artist.

My works set philosophical essays in modern aesthetics. That is the reason why researching constitutes an ineludible part of my artistic production, being a myriad of critical reflections which later on becomes the aura of any Art Writing output. By fostering joint practices that combine poetry with illustration or photography or music, I focus on delivering a future memory of today’s images. In that regard, I promote collaborative projects for depicting an utterly panorama of political processes, which are in the end based on many individuals’ perspectives.

Art Writing becomes the subtle (visual) footnote of our time.

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