Living in the forest is a wonderful experience. Always in the shade, always in the green is the ultimate natural habitat. Being in a forest, you realize that you are amongst a different microcosm where no different than in the sea, everything operates in harmony. As the world faces the unprecedented challenges of the climate crisis and pandemics, human society must adapt and live in harmony with nature.

The Rocket house provides a refuge in the wild. Trees are the ground troops on an environmental frontline. They can act as windbreaks and control water runoff in case of flash floods, thus forming a perfect infrastructure for a community to evolve. The Rocket house can accommodate a total of two people and can be placed alone or as a community between the trees. The structures can be built in place or transported into the vast wilderness by helicopter, ideally in proximity to a lake or river.

The structure is designed as a rocket/observatory. It is a few meters above ground, to allow for some free landscape viewing, thus controlling possible fire outbursts. The distance from the ground allows for the catapult to function in case of a real out of control wildfire. An integrated alarm goes off once it senses a rise in temperature, catapulting the rocket house a kilometer away from base and landing elsewhere with the help of parachutes. The fireproof structure leaves no trace of its existence once it’s catapulted, and the wooden tripod stilts will be burnt. Its new location will be determined based on rocket weight and the wind currents, and will provide a safe haven for the house and its owners.