PULL - EMERGENCY SHELTER is a folding modular system that allows lifting refugee camps in minutes, managing to improve the quality of life of people left homeless by natural disasters or wars, restoring the sense of security and companionship without loss of privacy, linking the concept of community through form and function.

PULL consists of a trailer and a folding fabric module, of uniting these two components, the result is a powerful system mobile home and temporary shelter, flexible and modular.

PULL is a simple structure, lightweight, easy to carry and deploy quickly, as it requires no tools for assembly, because you just have to pulling on one side and adjust to the base of the trailer.

The trailer wheels allow easy of transport and insulate the house from the ground, making the hot air to circulate underneath, preventing moisture problems and possible diseases that may contain the ground.

PULL provides shelter for a family of 5 members, but thanks to its modularity this can be expanded and group the modules of different ways depending on the location and context.

The form of PULL makes it flexible, allowing suit different needs and conditions, generating the possibility of creating neighborhoods and communities in any climate context of the site (sun, wind, dust, rainfall, etc.).