Riverbank protection and cultivation

The primary two sites chosen are Botanic Gardens, Dublin, and Donabate Co, Dublin.

First, the Botanic Gardens is  suburban site on the north side of Dublin. Two field-study trips support this site––a disused German mine brought back to life with a biodiversity center, which harnesses the disused gases underground as building energy. The Botanic Gardens site is located along the opposite riverbank. This center has a large area for plants with a propagation center and library.

This site also has terraced gardens running along the riverbank as flood protection. A Leitrim field-study trip informs the choice of plants for each of the terraced gardens. The terraced gardens are designed as individual units spaced along the riverbank with fenced gates above and below to be closed during pluvial rain when there is a risk of flooding.

The second site is Prospect Point near Donabate on the northern outskirts of Dublin City. The field trip to support this site is Darina Allen’s Cookery School in Ballymaloue Co. Cork.

Prospect Point is a proposal for a similar type of cookery school with the advantage of a costal site near the estuary where the swans breed. This location gives the potential of fish farming with salmon and trout along with other species of fish. The location of a stream on site provides a good basis for the inclusion of large outdoor fish tanks. In addition to the fruit and vegetables grown in Ballymaloue in small kitchen garden plots, a similar layout is proposed at Prospect Point. The layout is a checked arrangement, which facilitates crop rotation on a small scale.

The cookery school sits on a podium with a double-height space and a rooftop library. A lecture theatre looks onto the waterfront.