The Kinetic Tower

Energy is the language of the Universe. I say this because every action that happens, anywhere, requires some form of energy in order to happen. Much like how in order for humans to have any real, significant impact on the world, we need to communicate through language to work with each other and, ultimately, our environment. The Kinetic Tower in its totality would serve as a replacement for current, unsustainable energy infrastructures that continuously release emissions not only into the atmosphere but also into the earth and the water. Its integration into the daily lives of energy consumers in the urban environment will be crucial in neutralizing our negative, industrialist impact on the world. Gravity is the constant force that holds us here, yet we continuously yearn to fight it, to be free. However, I believe the utilization of gravity, and the harnessing of that kinetic energy, could begin to propel us into the future spaces we covet.