Improvised Tourniquet

Improvised Tourniquet is part of a series of work that investigates how experience, knowledge and understanding is reflected through one’s surroundings. Classic ornamentations and flora forms are repoussed into steel while transposed to training ephemera depicting bandaging, splint setting or suture practice on the human body as a means to examine taxonomies of mending. The appropriated imagery is from early 20th-century cigarette cards that depict a first aid instructional using makeshift materials. Embracing a preparatory nature for accidents, trauma and impending incidents this work uses instructionals as a means to the heroism and quick thinking that can happen within the everyday while faced with tragedy. As the representations within the work seep and transverse from one era to another, the references of natural forms and mended human forms underscore the relationship and one’s own body to that of the environment and the notion of what comes after a consequential event.